Is getting a car via contract hire a good idea!

Buying your first car can be a pretty complicated process, there are a lot of options out there now, and it is hard to know which option is best for you. It is an important decision to make as the wrong decision could leave you suffering financially. The most important thing is that you understand the Ts & Cs of your contract whether you are leasing or purchasing the car.

I have recently been looking at buying myself a used CITROEN C1, and my browser kept bombarding me with adverts for CITROEN C1 contract hire deals, which I must admit became more and more appealing the more I looked, but does leasing a car make fiscal sense? From a purely financial perspective it is not a great idea to lease a car. This is no surprise as you are giving out money for something that you aren’t going to own. However, buying a new car doesn’t make financial sense either, for it will depreciate rapidly unless it is a special limited edition or something which you don’t plan on putting any miles on.

That leaves you with the option of buying a used car that is at least 3 years old. By this point the car will have taken the biggest hit on its residual value meaning you don’t stand to lose as much on it and it is still relatively new. However there is always the risk that is associated with a used car, that there is no guarantee that there isn’t an underlying issue that you don’t know about, and you may end up spending a fortune on a used car over the course of a few years.  So maybe when you think about it like that leasing isn’t the worst option.

With used car horror stories in mind, and my own first hand experiences, curiosity got the better of me and I decided to get on the internet and do a search for personal car lease CITROEN C1. The second you hit enter on search like that you are hit with a hell of a lot of choice, and before long you will be seeing offers every, ads will pop up on other web pages you go to that have nothing to with cars, until small monthly payments do actually start coming way more appealing. Hardly surprising, in my case it was either buy a second hand CITROEN C1 Airscape Hatchback 1.0 VTi Feel 5dr for somewhere around £9k  and set up my own finance deal, or get a brand new one and pay £180 a month for 47 months after an initial payment of £893.  The lease looks more manageable for obvious reasons, the car is new so it will be under guarantee, you shouldn’t get hit with any huge service bills and you don’t have to worry about the cars residual value at all.  The point that got me was my purchasing habits when it comes to cars, if I bought it outright by the time I got to paying it off I would typically be looking for a new car anyway, so regardless of how I go about it I’m going to be spending 300+pounds a month for the foreseeable future. Obviously, the benefit of buying a used car outright is I can get some money in my pocket each time I trade the car in. But it is extra admin and shopping around, having to barter with dealers etc which is genuinely up there with my least favourite things to do, right behind selling a car privately.

As you can probably gather I am leaning more and more to personal contract hire CITROEN C1 being the best option. To answer the original question, does leasing a car make fiscal sense, no, but your other options aren’t exactly fantastic and leasing makes sense in just about every other aspect. If I could get a CITROEN C1 business car lease, through my company, it would work out a lot cheaper.

Band Tour Bus

You might not know this but I am in a band! Which is partly the reason why I haven’t been posting much on here lately,  the band has really been doing well and we have recently started gettin bookings from quite far afield. We couldn’t accept the dates as we already have local gigs booked in for those weekends, but the same venues have said they would get in touch if any future opportunities arrive. This got us talking about how we would get there when we inevitably do start branching out and doing gigs further afield. At the minute we use the drummers dad’s second hand Chrysler Grand Voyager to get all the equipment to the venue, which is a bit of a ballache seeing as we need to do two trips which is obviously not an option as soon as your journey starts exceeding the 20 minute mark.

Now obviously we are pretty young, and I am the first to drive so cant afford anything too nice, but we need something with plenty of space, usually at our age you would be looking at getting something like the second hand Hyundai Getz but I’ve found myself looking at cars that are more like vans. This isn’t ideal when a learnt how to drive in a small fiesta. But anyway ideally we’d get a classic second hand Ford Econoline though it seems like you can only get those in America, we wanted this so we could be like our boyhood hero, Scooby Doo… Only joking, but the classic ones from the 70s looks class and would really suit our kind of music, saying that I reckon it would be tricky for a relatively new driver to manoeuvre such an old vehicle.

scooby doo


Between the 5 of us we have a combined budget of £7,000. We have been looking on line and it seems you can get plenty of SUVs for that kind of price with folding back seats, such as the second hand Honda HR-V which I do like the idea of as I’m guessing I will be a bit more comfortable in a vehicle that is a little more like a car than it is just an all out van. Unfortunately though if we can’t fit all of our stuff into the Chrysler Grand Voyager I doubt we will be able to fit it all into the Honda HR-V. Furthermore it isn’t as though we can turn up at a dealership with all our equipment and ask to see whther we can fit everything in the back so we have to be sure there is enough room before we commit to a purchase.

The drummer, who is a little bit mental used dimensions and a load of plastic tubes to make frame models of a few different vans including the Citroen Berlingo and the Fiat Scudo, he’s even gone to the trouble of marking out the wheel arches, so we’re going round this weekend to see what we can fit in the frames to give us an idea of whether or not we can fit the equipment inside.



Crashing a car is something that everyone will worry about at some point in their life. It is a terrible scenario but unfortunately accidents do happen, and most of us will have to deal with one at some point or another. Whilst severity varies it is worth knowing a few different things that every driver should know to do in the event of a crash, providing it is possible.


The first thing you need to do is stop. Regardless of how small you perceived the crash to be, driving away from any accident is an offence according to the Road Traffic Act. Once you have stopped the car, turn off your engine and get those hazard lights going. Just last week I saw a Dodge Nitro make the mistake of not putting its hazards on after a small night time accident, and the result was the driver behind bumping into the back of them moments after the initial crash to make matters just that little bit worse, adding a second hand Ferrari F355 to the insurance claim. Hazards let any drivers behind you know that your car is stationary and will be remaining that way.

Secondly take a look around to see if the accident has resulted in an injury, you should immediately call the police or an ambulance. Once you have checked for injuries, consider any other perceived threats or dangers to other drivers, for example is there a car blocking the road? If so, notify the police.

Next thing you want to do, is gather all the relevant details you will need, this includes the names, addresses and contact numbers of any drivers or passengers involved, as well as any witnesses who saw the accident. Also get the insurance details of anyone involved in the crash and ask if they are the registered owner of the vehicle. If they aren’t find out the name and address of the person who is.

Other things worth noting down are the registration numbers of the cars involved, their colours and there make and model e.g: BD51 XXX, Silver, Citroen C6. Make a note of anything else you deem important such as any resulting injuries or anything you noticed that could have contributed to the crash. Finally if you have a camera phone, take a load of photos of the accident scene, make sure you get all the damage or any other relevant details.

If someone attempts to leave without swapping details, call the police straight away.

Used or New Cars

What are the pros and cons when it comes to choosing between buying a new or a used car? Is there a definitive answer as to which is the best way to go about buying cars or is it just down to preference? We would say that it will nearly always be a case of preference for no matter how well you argue the case for used cars, some people just want to be the first owner of a car, and if you have the money, we can’t really see any problem with that. It may well be deemed as a waste of money but at the end of the day it is what that person wants and it is important to them.

For the majority of people however, buying their car used is the obvious way to do things. New cars start depreciating the second you driver them of the forecourt, and they often depreciate pretty damn rapidly. Essentially this means that the moment a car becomes second hand, even if it was only bought new a few days ago, you will be looking at a huge discount, or will you? I just had a little look at the Porsche Cayman, to buy it new you are looking at £39,694 – £41,616 yet buying one at just a year old will cost you £35,997, which is a pretty big chunk of the buy it new price, though to be fair this second hand Porsche Cayman has only done 2,793 miles, and obviously whilst £5000 might not seem like a lot relative to how much the car costs, it’s still a pretty substantial figure.

You can use depreciation calculators to work out how much a car will cost after each year that goes by.  Take the Nissan Micra Hatchback 1.2  for example, the depreciation on a cheap car like that is much more effective, meaning you can get much better deals on cheaper cars, whereas the Porsche Cayman retains its value pretty well.


Just from looking you will see that buying a second hand Nissan Micra that is just a year old you will get the car with a third of the price knocked off. Now if you ask me I still class a car as newish after a year and it’s definitely worth the hit.


Cheap and Cheerful

For most of us, buying a car is the second biggest investment you will ever make short of buying a house. This makes buying a car a pretty daunting experience and one which can leave you feeling like you have a couple of holes in your pocket. Fortunately though more and more cars are being produced with the average man’s budget in mind.

One brand that is leading the way for cars with more than reasonable price tags is Dacia. Now you may not of hear of them before, so it might strike you as odd that they have been around since 1966 and their manufacturing plant is the fifth biggest manufacturing facility in terms of volume produced. This is because Dacia hasn’t really been marketed in the UK until very recently. They offer only 3 different models and they are the Dacia Duster, the Dacia Logan and the Dacia Sandero.


Dacia Duster

The Dacia Duster has been dubbed by Dacia as shockingly affordable, and they aren’t lying, the basic model costs only £9,495.00 meaning you get a hell of a lot of car for what you are paying, considering the next cheapest car in the Duster’s class is well over £5,000 more expensive. Dacia Duster Leasing will cost around £215 a month on top of an initial rental charge of around £1300 which is a pretty good deal. Whilst the Duster is cheap to buy outright, it is still a pretty tall order to get hold of the best part of 10 grand on a whim, making a contract hire Dacia Duster another desirable option.

In the current market you are probably better off avoiding second hand Dacia Dusters as it doesn’t actually save you much money.

Dacia Logan

The Dacia Logan is another big car that you can get for a very minimal cost. It is Dacia’s estate car and it is even cheaper than the Dacia Duster, costing anywhere from £6,995 – £10,795. This makes the Logan the cheapest estate car money can buy. Usually I would advise caution when something seems so cheap, but with Dacia Logan you can rest assured that they will be reliable and well built, as its parent company is Renault and they used parts that have been tried and tested by Renault. It also makes sense in more ways than how cheap it is however. The 1.5L diesel engine provides a vehicle with a strong MPG, low running costs and relatively low CO2 emissions. Furthermore the space the Dacia Logan offers is second to non.

Dacia Sandero

Another of Dacia’s little gems is the Dacia Sandero and this Dacia is a hatchback. As you can probably guess, it is cheap as chips! You can get your hands on a new Sandero for £5,995 which makes the Sandero the cheapest new car available to buy in the UK. Not only is it really cheap to buy but it is also cheap to run with the diesel engine capable of 74.3mpg. The Sandero is another Dacia which offers incredible value for money, but when you consider that it is also bigger and with more space than most of its more expensive rivals, the Dacia Sandero really hammers the point home.



Just to recap every model Dacia do offers incredible value for money. The only thing that is a common negative that we would like to see Dacia improve is their safety record. Now it isn’t terrible by any means, but they aren’t as good as their rivals, and whilst we accept there are obviously going to be ways in which the Dacia’s can’t meet the standards of their rivals, safety is an area we would like to see them improve.

Used Saab

Are you thinking about the purchase of a new car, and interested in used models? Saab is a popular make amongst used car buyers, here’s a little information about the models that you might find when searching for a model.

Saab is a Swedish car manufacturer which was founded in 1947. Saab was known for producing safe and distinctively-styled compact executive cars until 1989 when the company was bought out by General Motors. Since then, enthusiasts would argue that the company’s newer models have failed to recapture the original Saab ‘magic’ and in 2011 the company went bankrupt. The Saab name, however, lives on and Saabs remain popular second-hand buys.saab_9-3_saloon_36501

The Saab 9-3 (launched in 1998) replaced the old Saab 900 and was a compact executive car heavily based on the Vauxhall Vectra. It was replaced by a second-generation model in 2002. Renowned for its good looks and idiosyncratic design (the ignition key, for example, was down by the gearstick), the Saab 9-3 won many fans and remains a popular second-hand buy.

The Saab 9-5 replaced the Saab 9000 in 1998 and was the company’s large executive car. A new model was launched in 2010; however, Saab went bankrupt shortly after its introduction and as such there are few examples on the used car market. Nevertheless, the original model remains popular thanks to its smart styling and solidity.

To get a great deal on a used Saab near you, search

GoDuDu In The Snow

For several years now, UK roads have been a victim to snow at least once or twice annually. What’s more, the snow seems to be falling heavier as each year passes which means it sticks to the roads and lasts for up to a week or more at a time.

Needless to say, this causes big problems for motorists all over the country. Some roads become very unsafe, while what usually is a ten minute trip could take an hour to complete. Additionally, a huge number of people actually don’t know how to drive in the snow correctly, which vastly increases the potential for accidents and collisions.Snow-driving_1775683c

Thankfully, we know a thing or two about driving on the white stuff. We can point out how to stay safe and keep your insurance and servicing costs to a minimum. Here are our top five tips for driving in the snow.


Keep Speed Low

This one should be obvious but it’s amazing how many people don’t realise that you must reduce speed significantly whilst driving in the snow. It’s a shame all that power in your Ford Mondeo will go to waste, but it’s essential for safety.


Keep Distance

Keeping distance between yourself and the car in front of you is another must. Remember your stopping distances will be longer in the snow, so this is imperative to avoid collisions.


Brake On Straights

Remember to slow right down as you approach corners. If you brake whilst turning you can skid out of control, which is obviously incredibly dangerous.
Select Higher Gears

Try and drive in as high a gear as you can, so as to avoid wheel spinning. Additionally, keep revs to a minimum. You will notice the benefit of this easily if you try to pull away fast in first gear – the wheels will inevitably spin without grip and you won’t move.


Prepare For The Unexpected

These tips can come in very handy for you as a driver, but never forget that most people aren’t clued up about driving in the snow. Treat everyone as a learner and expect the unexpected at all times.

Cuckoo About GoDuDu

Hello and welcome to GoDuDu, the automotive blog site that brings you that latest news, tip, advice and general chit chat from around the globe. We’ll be talking about everything from engine parts to gear sticks and Bugatti Veyrons to Ford Fiestas.

In essence, what we’ll be aiming to do is enlighten those who aren’t all that familiar with the world of automobiles. Hopefully the articles that follow will inform you about all aspects of driving too – we will strive to provide you with the underlying facts which should enable you to make informed decisions about buying cars and how to drive them.twitter cuckoo clock

Moreover, we will be releasing regular advice about how to save money within the automotive industry – and let’s face it, everybody needs to save money where they can with the current economic climate in a state of recession.

Think of all the separate costs that all lead back to driving a car, i.e. road tax, MOT and servicing, fuel, general maintenance, insurance, not to mention that the actual cars themselves are pretty pricey too. Hopefully with our inside knowledge we can empower you to make those savings you’ve always dreamt of.

At GoDuDu we are happy thinkers, and will always be trying to put a positive spin on even the gloomiest stories.

Finally, don’t think that we’re a one dimensional site that strive only to help those not in the know – whether you’re a seasoned petrol head or a first time driver, a used Vauxhall Corsa owner or a Ferrari Enzo enthusiast, we’re sure we can tell you something you haven’t heard before!bugatticorsa