Cuckoo About GoDuDu

Hello and welcome to GoDuDu, the automotive blog site that brings you that latest news, tip, advice and general chit chat from around the globe. We’ll be talking about everything from engine parts to gear sticks and Bugatti Veyrons to Ford Fiestas.

In essence, what we’ll be aiming to do is enlighten those who aren’t all that familiar with the world of automobiles. Hopefully the articles that follow will inform you about all aspects of driving too – we will strive to provide you with the underlying facts which should enable you to make informed decisions about buying cars and how to drive them.twitter cuckoo clock

Moreover, we will be releasing regular advice about how to save money within the automotive industry – and let’s face it, everybody needs to save money where they can with the current economic climate in a state of recession.

Think of all the separate costs that all lead back to driving a car, i.e. road tax, MOT and servicing, fuel, general maintenance, insurance, not to mention that the actual cars themselves are pretty pricey too. Hopefully with our inside knowledge we can empower you to make those savings you’ve always dreamt of.

At GoDuDu we are happy thinkers, and will always be trying to put a positive spin on even the gloomiest stories.


Finally, don’t think that we’re a one dimensional site that strive only to help those not in the know – whether you’re a seasoned petrol head or a first time driver, a used Vauxhall Corsa owner or a Ferrari Enzo enthusiast, we’re sure we can tell you something you haven’t heard before!